Spillproof drinkability

Imagine a moment too common: you’re enjoying a savory glass of red wine when suddenly, one simple mistake and the glass tips, shatters to the ground or - worse - all over you, losing all of its contents. We all dread that moment when your favorite drink is suddenly all over the place. The shattered glass, milk spills, beer stains, drops of orange juice,  all leading to a wave of emotions: sadness, embarrassment, and (eventually) acceptance.  

How do we prevent these disastrous moments and accompanying emotions? Shatterproof and spill proof glassware of course. Our drinkware has been designed to eliminate the stress that comes with a mess. Not only are TOSSWARE products made with materials to prevent them from breaking, but we’ve also picked a selection to have the flexibility of being used with or without lids. We’ve designed our lids to prevent spills while also making our glasses more portable than ever before. With poppable holes to fit straws, these cups are perfect for the on-the-go consumer. Our lids come in three convenient sizes so that each TOSSWARE cup can find a lid that fits. Reference our list below to find the best fit for your favorite style:

Medium lids: 12oz Can, 7oz Pint Mini

Enjoy a glass of whatever your heart desires without a spill or a crack.

Cheers from TOSSWARE!