• 12oz Pint Jr
  • 12oz Pint Jr
  • 12oz Pint Jr
  • 12oz Pint Jr

12oz Pint Jr

What it's for:

The perfect pint, sized down a bit. This one fits nicely in the hand, great for milling about, mixing and mingling.

Why it's special: 

• Made with part recycled water bottles and entirely recyclable 

 No glass = no stress. Guaranteed to never break, chip, or crack

• Patented Pop 'n Lock allows for easy and secure stacking for storage 

• BPA-free and made in food-grade facilities with the highest cleanliness

• Sustainably lightweight and sturdier than standard disposables

• The ultimate party vessel that's good looking, functional and sustainable


Recommended Pairings:

• Beer, ale, stout, IPA, lager

• Make your drink spill-proof by popping on a Large lid


Recommended Care

Feel free to reuse, but as a reminder, please hand wash them only with a gentle, non-abrasive sponge as our BPA-free material is not dishwasher safe.


Ideal for beers and floats
  • Features
  • shatterproof
  • BPA free
  • stackable
  • crystal like clarity
  • rounded rim
  • spill proof lids
  • made with recycled bottles
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dimensions
  • weight22g
  • width3.1"
  • height4.0"
  • 12oz Pint Jr

  • $ 12.99
12oz Pint Jr
12oz Pint Jr

spillproof drinkability

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