What we're about

We believe in making life an event.

About finding reasons to celebrate the everyday. About savoring the best in life (not saving it for later), and sharing good things with great people. We believe in finding, recognizing, and honoring all your defining moments: small wins, big victories, personal milestones, good company, and perfect days. You have every reason to celebrate — and we have everything you need to do it

What we make

In short, refined drinkware made casual.

Think of it as your everyday best — that perfect combo of high and low, of uptown style with downtown chill, of living it up and playing it down. We believe what you serve should make your guest feel at ease, not on guard, and that being on your best behaviour is the worst party goal ever.

To serve this more modern sensibility, we created drinkware that was forgiving, not fragile — a breeze to dole out, fill up, and clean up after. Seems obvious now, but it took some doing.

What we're about

Anything that looks (and feels) this easy doesn't happen by accident.

We put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into research and development before a single drop of champagne was spilled — testing out new materials for clarity, resilience, and overall chicness, then putting them to work in the lab and in the field. Now, multiple patents later, we've got the formula down, working exclusively with a crystal-clear blend of recycled polymer that's BPA-free, shatterproof, and super sustainable, making for drinkware that's all party, no foul.


We're all about partying sustainably — and celebrating sustainability. We got into this business because we saw so much wasted in the party space: poor quality, bad materials, and missed opportunities for doing good (and looking good doing it). At TOSSWARE, we believe that celebrating isn't a zero sum game — good things don't come at someone else's expense, they actually make more good things happen.

Which is why we're constantly on the lookout for more responsibly sourced materials that still serve your moments perfectly: uncompromising quality at prices, and a low impact we can all live with. Because that means more good things are happening everywhere, for everyone. The party continues — and that's something to celebrate!

Our Pledge

No one's perfect, and that includes us, but we strive to be better everyday by serving our employees, customers, vendors, and our planet consciously and respectfully. Our goal is to deliver products that provide maximum fun and style while minimizing our environmental impact. Each POP product you hold contains up to four recycled water bottles — and we're not stopping there.

We are committed to becoming a circular brand by 2025. This means all our products will be made by repurposing recycled water bottles into new products. To give the one million water bottles that get sold each minute a second life is the mission we're on to do our part in advancing the circular economy. At TOSSWARE, we celebrate each milestone we achieve through progress we make towards our sustainability goals. Sign up for our newsletter below and make sure you stay in the loop on the exciting changes we're making!

Our Effort


Grams of recyclable material


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