Cold brew coffee is sweeping the nation faster than the inevitable summer heatwave. It’s becoming the increasingly more popular caffeine choice and certainly cannot be compared to the run-of-the-mill iced coffee you’re probably used to. So what makes cold-brew coffee so different?

Cold brewing is pretty simple and is exactly what it sounds like. Coffee brewed with cold water, using a long period of time (12-24 hours) instead of heat to extract from the beans. Should you survive the wait, the end result is a smooth, naturally sweet, coffee that sidesteps the bitterness and acidity you’ll find in a traditional iced coffee. Add a splash of milk as an ingredient or enjoy it straight.

Prepare a classic cold brew with milk in our versatile 12oz Can. It’s an easy vessel to hold any beverage while being familiar to the touch. With TOSSWARE conveniently shatterproof and always sustainable, we’re sure to take care of all your coffee needs.

Happy cold brewing!