Coffee in tossware ft. roo coffee

Fairy bread, sunny Australian vibes and lots of coffee are taking over the LA coffee scene at Roo Coffee. Roo is an Australian cafe, a not-so-hidden gem of Silverlake’s Sunset Triangle Plaza. Beyond the Instagrammable pastel interior and delectable floral-garnished toasts, Roo offers a variety of beverages and savory sandwiches, bowls, and salads. 

We partnered with Roo to feature a few coffee alternatives this summer. Their Iced Summer Sunrise is fitting in the 6oz Flute Jr. and the Turmeric Latte (with an added matcha shot) pours into the 9oz Flute. Our 12oz Can made the perfect vessel for their refreshing Strawberry Lemonade. 

An upscale take on Australia’s beloved white bread, butter and Hundreds & Thousands, Roo’s signature fairy bread features a hearty sourdough base topped with mascarpone cheese, butter and colorful sprinkles. The Australian coffee shop wouldn’t be complete without their flat white and Aussie cappuccinos brewed just how Roo’s Queensland-rooted owners intended. Satisfy your sweet tooth and fill your day with some extra color and flair at this hip destination.