Coffee in tossware ft. cafe if

Coffee in TOSSWARE

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood is a snug boutique coffee shop, Cafe IF. This sweet hole-in-the-wall gives off a charming and intimate vibe that sets it apart from some of the other trendy spots in the neighborhood. You can relax with a comforting cup of coffee, free Wi-Fi, and healthy menu options. But what’s the best part about Cafe IF, you ask? The lattes. Kicking off our newest series "Coffee in TOSSWARE", we partnered with Cafe IF to feature their most popular lattes in the 12oz Can and the 14oz Vino. The camouflage latte is a great flavor combination of matcha and espresso while the tumeric and rose lattes are both colorful and delicious. Cafe IF is one coffee shop you shouldn't miss in L.A. Sometimes the most delightful places in the city are those that are unexpected, and this is definitely one of them.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Matcha in TOSSWARE 12oz Can

Matcha and ice in TOSSWARE 12oz Can

Matcha and milk in TOSSWARE 12oz Can

Matcha latte in TOSSWARE 12oz Can

Matcha latte in TOSSWARE 12oz Can