• TOSSWARE RESERVE 16oz  Wine glass on a white background.
  • TOSSWARE RESERVE 16oz  Wine glass, filled with red wine, on a white background.
  • 8 glasses in the TOSSWARE's RESERVE collection.
  • 8 glasses in the TOSSWARE's RESERVE collection filled with drinks.

RESERVE 16oz Wine Glass

What it's for:

Wines (and hosts) can breathe easy now. Whether you like it robust, full-bodied, oaky, or delicate, we designed this spaciously bowled glass to serve any palate. 


Why it's special: 

• Made of the ultra durable and totally unbreakable Tritan material

• Top rack dishwasher safe

 Heat resistant up to 230F

 Crystal clear and feels just like glass with a superb handweight

 Sustainable for its resilience, quality and unbreakable properties

Recommended Pairings:

• Red wine, white wine, rosé, lambrusco

 Cocktails: Aperol spritz, gin & tonic, sangria, paloma



  • Features
  • dishwasher safe
  • unbreakable
  • heat resistant
  • crystal clarity
  • versatile
  • timeless design
  • Dimensions
  • weight91g
  • width3.5"
  • height8.3"
  • RESERVE 16oz Wine Glass

  • $ 25.99
  • customize
Three TOSSWARE shatterproof glasses on a round mirror.
Blue cocktail with mint and a slice of lime served in the TOSSWARE RESERVE Stemless Wine glass, held by a person wearing blue.