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What is Tritan™ Copolyester & why do we use it?

The Beginning 

At TOSSWARE, we understand that extending a product's life yields a greater environmental impact than any other measure. That's where the idea for the RESERVE collection came to be. We thought, “What if we created drinkware that is built to last a lifetime?” With that question in mind, we set out to find a material that met our demand for sustainability and safety for consumers.

What is Tritan™?

Test after test, there was one material that stood out from the rest: Tritian™. Made in the USA, Tritan™ is a remarkable best-in-class material on all counts: BPA Free, FDA-approved for babies, crystal clear, and nearly indestructible. Known as the “Rolls Royce” of plastics, Tritan is 8x the cost of regular plastics and 4x the cost of glass. Why? It’s made to last forever. Tritan™ is also  68% stronger than traditional polyesters and upwards of 40% stronger than polycarbonate. Compatible with both cold and hot drinks (up to 226°F), as well as freezer-safe and microwaveable, Tritan™ aced every single test we threw at it!

Safe & Durable 

Nothing says a good party like safety, right? Dropping a glass could not only be considered a party foul but creates an unsafe environment for anyone present. With our RESERVE collection – all made from Tritan™, you’ll never have to worry about your one clumsy friend breaking your favorite glass again. It’s not only shatterproof, but also BPA-Free, FDA-approved for babies, and ultra-durable. Providing peace of mind in every circumstance, Tritan™ has you covered for all of life's unpredictable moments.


We set out to make drinkware that was not only beautiful but also practical and Tritan™ goes where glass can not. Whether you are enjoying a cool glass of lemonade by the pool or a glass of red on girl's night, you’ll never have to worry that a dropped drink will ruin the moment. Not only is Tritan™ shatterproof, it’s also temperature resistant, so whether you like your coffee scalding hot or ice cold, our RESERVE Collection has you covered.

Environmental Impact

When considering the lifecycle analysis of a product, the longer a product lasts, the better it is for the planet. Tritan™ is built to withstand decades of use so chances are you’ll never have to buy replacements and therefore, minimizing the impact on the environment. Tritan™ is also made in the US with fair wages and no child labor so not only is it environmentally friendly, but also ethically made. 

How to Keep your Tritan™ Glasses Pristine

To make sure your party never ends, here’s how we recommend you can keep your RESERVE glasses sparkling for years to come: hand washing and drying them with a towel to avoid water marks (just like real glass). However, feel free to use your household dishwasher too as Tritan™ products are dishwasher-safe! If you are drinking anything with essential oils such as those found in citrus, hand wash with warm water and soap as soon as possible to avoid any haziness.

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