Hosting Game Night – TOSSWARE


Hosting game night

The game is on and it’s your turn to host this week’s viewing party. All the essentials must be present. Pizza. Wings. Chips. Salad for your vegan friend.. But what about the most important element? Beer.

You can’t have unsightly aluminum cans or plastic red cups ruining the aesthetics of your game day spread. Besides - there’s nothing quite like visibly seeing foam to get you thirsty. Fortunately, Tossware has the perfect pints of all sizes to serve your brew. The high quality, crystal clear polymer not only complements your setup, but leaves you stress free heading into the 3rd quarter knowing there’s no way for your friends to break these cups.

Our latest addition to the pint fam is the new 12oz Pint Jr. - ideal for smaller pours (let’s not waste any of that beer) and perfect for a variety of tastings as you please.

How you serve your beer says just as much as what you serve. So serve up your brew in style. And the best part? No need to wash these cups when you’re done. And they’re 100% recyclable.