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Celebrate St.Patrick's With An Irish Beer!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an Irish beer or two! We've featured a few classic Irish brews for you to try out in TOSSWARE's 18oz pint glass. The...

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an Irish beer or two! We've featured a few classic Irish brews for you to try out in TOSSWARE's 18oz pint glass. The church in Ireland celebrates Saint Patrick by pausing Lenten restrictions for the day, making it one of the few days during Lent when Catholics can drink. This is what has made beer a big part of St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Check out a few of the Irish brews we'll be sipping this weekend. TOSSWARE's Weizen-style glass has the ideal shape to appreciate an Irish beer. The slightly inturned lip on top encourages the development of the foamy head, capturing the full aroma of the beer. 

Irish Ale
For a classic Irish Ale, we present you with Smithwick's lovingly known as Smitty's by its drinkers. As the story goes, 13th-century monks used water at the Friar's well at the St. Francis Abbey to brew their beer. In 1710 Smithwick got into the brewing business in the region by using similar techniques. This red ale is made with hops and roasted barley giving it deep grassy flavors and a slightly sweet finish. It pours into TOSSWARE with a deep amber color and forms a quarter inch head. 

Extra Stout

With more hops than Guinness's genuine draught stout, the extra stout is sharp and crisp on the palate. Barley cuts the extra hops for a refreshing flavor, making it more drinkable than it’s stout counterpart. It pours black with a thick and creamy head. This is the perfect drink for a drinker opposed to sweetness in a beer. 

Irish Red Ale
We love an Irish Red Ale for a slightly sweeter drinking experience. With a caramel tasting malt, the red ale is smooth and satisfying. Murphy’s originates from Cork and carries this coastal Irish flair into their beers. Expect a deep red color and foamy head when pouring the red ale into TOSSWARE’s pint glasses.

Irish Style Lager

This American brewed lager uses Irish brewing styles to make a lighter, craft alternative to other dark Irish beers. For something different, try floating a stout on top to make a black and tan. Fill a TOSSWARE pint glass halfway with this Irish Style Lager, then pour a stout over the back side of a spoon on top to create a second distinct layer. A beautiful drink that marries the best flavors of two brews.

Guinness American Lager

To really embrace American style, try out Guinness Blonde American Lager. Brewed in Pennsylvania with American grown hops and malts, this beer takes Irish techniques and brings them to a light lager. With a pale airy head, pouring this blonde into TOSSWARE releases its floral notes balanced by a citrus flavor on the tongue. 

With such a rich brewing history, Irish beer is truly something to celebrate! Whichever libation you decide on, try it in TOSSWARE to elevate both the flavor and drinking experience. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!