This holiday season, take your party to the next level with hand decorated drinkware. These crafts are quick, easy, and stunning! 

Holiday Glitter Cups

Bows & Ribbons

We used half inch ribbon for these holiday champagne flutes. To decorate TOSSWARE’s 9 oz Flute, cut 3 inches of ribbon and hot glue it into a loop. Slide the loop onto the cup. Cut a 4 inch length of ribbon and tie it into a small bow. Wrap a shiny Christmas ribbon around the center of the bow. Add a drop of hot glue on the center of back of the bow and press onto the ribbon loop.*

*Do not put hot glue directly onto TOSSWARE as this can damage the cup. Instead use hot glue to create a loop then put a drop of glue between the loop and the bow.

How to Decorate Glasses with Bows and Ribbons

Drop of Gold Champagne Flutes

These gold dipped flutes look so elegant, no one would guess how easy they are to make! Use blue painters tape to create a teardrop shape around the bottom of the flute. Cover the rest of the cup up to the rim with tape. Using a tarp and gloves, spray gold paint onto the bottom of the cups with an even layer of color. Let dry for 15-20 seconds before removing the painter’s tape.

Gold Dipped Champagne Flutes

Hand-Painted Snowflake Cups

Use white acrylic paint and a thin brush to make an X. Then add one more line through the middle of the X to make a star shape. Add small lines coming out of each ray and dots on the ends for a perfect snowflake! Add 3-4 more snowflakes and white dots of ‘snow’ around the rest of the cup. Snap on a wine stem and your glasses are ready to go. Try serving a dark red wine to make the snowflakes pop.  

How to Paint Wine Glasses for Christmas


To add glitter to TOSSWARE’s cups, all you need is a can of spray adhesive and glitter. Carefully spray the base of the cup, being sure to avoid the rim. Quickly sprinkle glitter around the sides of the cup. Let dry. The best part of using TOSSWARE for crafts is that you can decorate the stems too! Snap the cup off of the stem and pour glitter into the base for even more pizzaz.

How to add Glitter to Champagne Flutes