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A picture perfect picnic

There’s nothing quite like laying out on a field, soaking up the sun, and witnessing a sunset with good company. Throw in a delightful array of fine cheeses, charcuterie, fruits, a fresh baguette, and a little bubbly and you’ve got yourself a dream situation. When it comes to creating the picture perfect picnic, it’s all about what suits your fancy. We do believe, however, that a few things are an absolute must.

Do bring blankets. You can never have too many blankets! Locate a nice, level area of grass and lay out your spread. This will ensure maximum comfort or something cozy to snuggle under with a friend or your significant other - not to mention a lovely backdrop for all the photos you’re bound to take.

Do bring finger foods.
Picnics are all about sharing and snacking with ease over conversation. Consider foods that are hassle-free, keep well outdoors, and aren’t time sensitive.

Do bring books.
It’s difficult to find ourselves in a place devoid of screens in this digital age. Take a moment to unplug and see the world through your own unfiltered eyes. Dust off that book and sit down to enjoy it as you get your dose of vitamin D.

Do bring refreshments.
What is a picnic without a little something bubbly or boozy? For the beverage connoisseurs out there - you know that your drinking vessel makes all the difference. Glasses are impractical (and possibly hazardous). Plastic red cups - don’t even get us started. Go for something both elegant and practical like our unique plastic glasses intentionally designed to evoke the feel of a true wine glass, with a rounded lip & crystal clarity.