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We’re all about doing things in style. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that shots make a party - and bombs make shots all the merrier. Whatever your wild, celebratory night may lead to - we’re all about doing things in style. The Jagerbomb is an all-time classic loved (perhaps resented by some) by many that’ll add some energy and flavor to the occasion. Our 4oz Taster plops perfectly into the 12oz Pint Jr or 18oz Pint. - making them the perfect pair for this classic combination.

And yes - the splash is necessary. But on the bright side - with our 100% recyclable cups, dishes are not necessary. Maybe just a little splash control. 


What you need
Tossware 4oz Taster
Tossware 12oz Pint Jr

    9oz Flute 9oz Flute 9oz Flute