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From the 4oz tasting cup to the 18oz tumbler, all TOSSWARE glasses are made with the highest quality BPA-free PET polymer at our production facility in Fontana, CA. 

A thick, cone-like piece of sculpted PET polymer blend plastic goes through intense heating around the mold of a cup. The cup is quickly cooled, set, and removed from the mold. Each cup moves on to be hand inspected for quality and perfection.

What makes Tossware different?

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We want to make sure you can drink, toss, and recycle your TOSSWARE with peace of mind. That's why we use PET, one of the most practical plastics to recycle due to it's high resin content.

Our cups are always BPA free. This compound commonly found in plastics can have hormone like behavior in the body and has no place in our drink ware. We make sure what touches your lips has the look and feel of glass without the potentially harmful impact of BPA.



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