This is the game changer. This is what all the kids - and adults - will want at their next party. Custom printed cups you can design in any which way to suit your party’s needs. The possibilities are endless. Whatever the celebration, parties are a special place to make precious, life long memories that you’ll want to remember for years to come. It’s  a time and place to have fun, get wild, be creative and be a little extra. And like any great hostess will tell you - it’s all about the details. It’s those unique elements that truly bring it all together.

And let’s be real - when it comes to parties, cups have always been the least exciting element. Oftentimes, they are also the least attractive, due to the necessity for disposability and convenience. Fortunately for you, Tossware’s 100% recyclable cups can soon be custom-printed with any design, colors, text or logo you desire to add a truly unique and personal touch to your decor and spread.

Take cues from mommy blogger Touriya Haoud and her three sons. In celebration of Landan’s birthday, the lovely family threw a superhero themed party right in their backyard. In addition to capes, masks, candies and cupcakes galore - she printed their initials as logos inspired by each of their favorite superheroes! Perfect for drinks and ideal for snacks, these tumblers come in sizes large and small. And while a mess with a handful of kids is unavoidable - our new lids snap on perfectly to ease the mess that is inevitable.
Too often, disposable goods are unpleasant to the eye and disrupt the aesthetics of a setting. We’re here to change that. Get creative and personalize your special occasion.

Stay tuned for our brand new site, where you’ll be able to customize and personalize your very own designs on any one of our cups! With hundreds of stickers, fonts and colors to choose from - your designs will be completely customizable. Pre-set templates will also be available to help you get started, or you’ll even be able to upload any photos or images of your very own. Like we said - game changer.