6 oz Flute Jr

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  • 100% BPA Free

    100% BPA Free

  • Shatter Proof

    Shatter Proof

  • 100% Recyclable


  • Locking + Stackable


Introducing the all new Sampler Series!
Ideal for champagne and sampling, the 6oz Flute Jr will help enhance the aroma of your favorite bubbles. Sample a variety of champagne in style at your next event and impress your guests with our crystal clear Flute Jrs.

Like its bigger sibling, the 9oz Flute, the 6oz Flute Jr is the ideal vessel for all types of bubbles. Host your next event in style with our Flute Jrs, the perfect alternative to traditional champagne glass. Upscale your next champagne sampling with our crystal clear and fully recyclable Flute Jrs!