• Lids - Set of 48
  • Lids - Set of 48
  • Lids - Set of 48

Lids - Set of 48

Fill it, don’t spill it. Our lids make sure even your most animated guests keep their beverages to themselves.

Instantly snaps on to any of our glasses. 

Small Lid: 9oz Flute, 6oz Flute Jr, 6oz Stemmed Flute, 4oz Taster

Medium Lid: 7oz Pint Mini, 12oz Can

Large Lid: 18oz Tumbler, 18oz Pint, 14oz Vino, 12oz Tumbler Jr, 12oz Rocks, 12oz Pint Jr, 14oz Stemmed Vino

  • Dimensions
  • weight

    Small: 2g
    Medium: 3g
    Large: 4g

  • width

    Small: 1.8"
    Medium: 2.3"
    Large: 2.7"

  • Lids - Set of 48

  • $ 6.99

spillproof drinkability

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