Sunday: the one day of the week that brunch is mandatory! But that means every decent restaurant in the area has a line out the door. The last thing you and your girlfriends want to do is wake up early after a fun Saturday night to secure a reservation. So, why not bring brunch to you? With Tossware’s stemmed flutes and decanter you’ll be feeling so classy you won’t even notice the difference.

Bring on the avocado toast, waffles and eggs, but most importantly - the champagne and orange juice! It’s never a true brunch without mimosas. Preserve the feel of a classy brunch with our 6oz Stemmed Flutes. And use our 28oz Decanter to properly mix and aerate that bubbly. (The Beginner’s Guide to Decanting)

Fear not - no matter how boozy your brunch may get, Tossware’s shatterproof plastic glasses ensure no cracked glass. 100% disposable and recyclable - our unique plastic glasses will make the cleanup easy and guilt-free.