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One of the most approachable styles of beer is a blonde ale. Also referred to as Golden Ale, it’s an easy-drinking beer - rounded and smooth. Blonde ales are now brewed across the world; from Belgium to Brazil, France to the US, each having its own slight variation on the same theme, usually centered around ingredients native to that particular country. The few things they have in common are:


Aromas of sweet malt, hops, and fruity esters are low to moderate across the board. The fruitiness is not required but acceptable.


A blonde ale can be anywhere from light yellow to golden blonde color with no chill haze and good clarity


Mouthfeel is medium-light to medium body, pushed by medium-high carbonation.


Balance is on the malty side, with low to medium bitterness leveling the sweet a bit. Finishes a little dry to a little sweet.

Enjoy an iced cold glass of blonde ale in our English Reserve Pint. And, as always, cheers!