The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, and that means rooftop and poolside chillin’ is all the rage. It’s the perfect time to gather up all your nearest and dearest, stir up a bountiful bowl of sangria, and use Tossware’s conveniently shatterproof vino cups to keep things safe and easy by the pool.

Few things come close to soaking up the sun on a rooftop poolside. It’s a simple, yet sweet escape from the hustle of the world below and the perfect way to relax with good drinks and even greater company.

“Sangria” is the Spanish term for a mix of fruit and wine (and - as many do know, is derived from the Latin term for blood) that became widely popular throughout Europe and first came on the American culinary scene when presented at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Since then, innumerable variations on Sangria have emerged to suit anyone’s palette and has become a go-to party drink for many.

The next time you find yourself contemplating what to do over the weekend - keep it simple, fun, and delicious. Throw a bowl of sangria together, whip up some garnishes, and gather your crew by the pool. And with Tossware’s shatterproof vinos - not only will your party be hazard free, your aesthetics will also remain perfectly in tact.