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Though the name of this card game uses a very familiar phrase – “poker”, Whiskey Poker is unlike traditional poker in that there is no “drawing” from the dealer, but from the “kitty” hand in the center of the table. This game allows up to nine players at any time, making it a great at-home game to enjoy while sipping on whiskey in the TOSSWARE 12oz Rocks.  It is described in many late 19th century and early 20th century card game books, but is less well known nowadays.


End the hand with the highest possible five-card poker hand to win!

Set up

-One 52-card deck of cards

-Chips to keep track of betting; each chip can represent a nominal value as decided upon by the players

-A set of TOSSWARE 12oz Rocks and your favorite whiskey.


Shuffle and deal five cards and five chips to each player. Between the dealer and the player to their right, deal the communal hand, also referred to as the “kitty”, and that will be placed face down in the middle of the table. After players have looked at their hands, the first betting round occurs.

First phase: The players will be given the option to knock, pass, or exchange.

Knock - he is happy with the hand delt to him, and all the other players will have one round to decide what they want to do.

Pass - this allows the player to keep their cards, make no bet and enter into the next round of betting should the hand continues.

Exchange - his requires the player to lay their full hand face-up on the table and take the kitty hand from the center. The discarded hand is now the kitty hand.

Second Phase: After the second round of betting the players will be given the option to knock or exchange

Exchange one card. You discard one card from your hand face up to the table and take a card from the spare hand in exchange for it.

Exchange five cards. You discard your whole hand face up and take the whole spare hand in exchange for it.

Knock. You keep your cards and signal that the play will end before your next turn.

The play continues until someone knocks. The other players then have one more turn. The play ends when the turn gets back to the first player to knock. At the end of the game, another round of betting occurs, and the player with the best hand wins. Cheers to that!