If you love hands-on dining, then Korean Barbecue is perfect for you. Korean cuisine is all about a balance and contrast of flavors and textures and creating your own taste. This couldn’t be more true with Korean BBQ - from the variety of meats, dipping sauces, vegetables and side dishes to the traditional drink pairing of light, crisp beer and - of course - soju. Though it may seem daunting - we’re here to show you just how easy it is to set up at home. There are no set rules. So feel free to curate your experience to your own taste. But do keep these elements in mind to make sure you get all the necessities.

The Grill First things first - you need a hot plate or grill to gather around. You can use anything from a Japanese binchotan, a portable hot plate, a portable stove, or a simple grill. Use what you have, but keep in mind - it will get smokey, so set yourself up either outdoors or somewhere with plenty of ventilation.

Meats Galore And now for the main event. The meat. To satisfy all your meaty cravings, be sure to select a few of everyone’s favorite meats, cuts and/or marinade. Some favorites include brisket, bulgogi, short rib, kobe, or pork belly. And if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry. Grilled mushrooms, tofu, kabocha (squash) are common delicious alternatives.

Sides & Sauces Sides dishes, better known as banchan, are an absolute must when it comes to Korean dining in general. Typically,  these dishes are set in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Side dishes can include kimchi, pickled radish, roasted seaweed, sliced green onion salad, a platter of vegetables and so much more. There are a few options when it comes to your sauces - the most common being gochujang (fermented chili paste), doenjang (fermented soy bean paste), ssamjang (a sweet and salty mixture of gochujang, ssamjang, sesame oil and some veggies), or a simple combination of sesame oil and sea salt.

Wrap It Up Now for the game changer. In addition to cooking your own meat just the way you like it, one of the best parts of KBBQ are the wraps. Here is where creating your own taste comes into full effect. Start with a red lettuce leaf, lay down a perilla leaf and add a slice of pickled radish for a refreshing crunch. Choose a sauce, dip your protein and add it to your wrap. Feel free to top it off with any other side dishes, and there you have it - the perfect wrap.

Don’t Forget the Drinks Last, but certainly not least - the drinks. Because what is KBBQ without soju? Soju is a clear, colorless distilled spirit similar to Japanese sake. It is traditionally fermented from rice, but can also be made with wheat and other grains as well. It is the most popular liquor amongst Koreans, and you’ll rarely find a KBBQ spread without a few (or several) bottles on the table. Our little 4oz tasters serve as the perfect vessel for all your soju needs. Pair them with our 18oz pints for some crisp, refreshing beer and you’ve got yourself the perfect concoction for a soju bomb - if you dare.

You can find every single thing you need at your local Korean market. And we mean everything. From a portable grill and the meat, to all the side dishes (all pre-made) that you desire, to the necessary soju and beer - the market will have it all. And as far as glassware? You know we’ve got you covered.