Champagne Sparklers and TOSSWARE

Ringing in the new year with a Champagne toast is a timeless tradition. This iconic drink has a long and fizzy history of celebration! In France, Champagne was one of the most expensive drinks in the 1400's, reserved for the royalty and elites who would take long coronation trips to the Champagne region. The decadent imbibement was even Louis the Fourteenth’s drink of choice. By the mid-1800’s, middle and working class people started to emulate the nobility’s way of celebrating.

Over the centuries many ceremonies shifted from being religious to secular. Champagne toasts started to take over the role of Holy Water blessings at celebrations. Champagne soon became the go-to drink for all kinds of festivities, especially New Year’s Eve. In the U.S., two French brothers made Champagne the ultimate party drink at their 1930’s New York hotspot, Cafe Martin. With 69 imported Champagne options, people flocked to Cafe Martin for the hottest New Year’s Eve party.

These days, it’s hard to imagine celebrating without a sparkling beverage in hand. As you ring in 2018, make your toast extra special with these fun ideas.

 Add cotton candy to the top of the cup

Cotton Candy Topped Champagne

 Rim your glasses with edible glitter

Edible Glitter with Champagne

Make spun sugar!

These beautiful glass toppers are elegant and tasty. They take a little practice, but are well worth the effort.

1. Start by greasing a bowl or plate.
2. Stir together ½ cup of granulated sugar, ½ cup of corn syrup, and 2 tablespoons of water over medium heat.
3. Using a candy thermometer, remove from heat when the mixture reaches 300 degrees.
4. Cool the pot in a water bath to 275 degrees.
5. Use a fork to drizzle the caramelized sugar over the greased plate.
6. Let cool, place the spun sugar shapes onto Champagne flues, and serve. 

Spun Sugar Drink Toppers

 Stir the champagne with rock candy

This New Year’s Eve, toast to the new year with an extra pop. Grab some Champagne flutes from TOSSWARE and celebrate like the French nobility. With two different sizes and optional stems, there’s a flute for everyone. Whether you’re drinking sparkling apple cider or Dom Perignon, Happy 2018 from all of us at TOSSWARE.