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How to Make the Perfect Sangria

A well-balanced combination of five basic ingredients will produce a perfect sangria every time.

There’s nothing like a sweet, fruity sangria on a hot summer’s day. An average table wine can become a sweet afternoon libation in just a few hours. The classic sangria started in Spain by infusing red table wine with the flavors of fruit, brandy, and cinnamon. These days sangria refers to any kind of wine cocktail, but we think drawing from the ancient Spanish methods have the tastiest results! To make the perfect Sangria you’ll need four ingredients: wine, fruit, liquor, optional sweetener or mixer. These ingredients can vary quite a bit, so we think experimenting to invent your own secret sangria recipe is the best way to go. Start out one of our three of our favorite sangria recipes below get the creative juices flowing! Feel free to substitute fruits to make all new flavors. The goal of a good sangria is to leave it long enough for the flavors of the fruit, liquor, and sweetener to infuse into the wine without over-oxidizing the wine. About two hours of infusion time is ideal. 

A well-balanced combination of five basic ingredients will produce a perfect sangria every time. Start with a base wine, preferably a table wine. Finely aged, expensive wine should be enjoyed as is without modifying the complex flavor profile. A red blend table wine, however, is perfect for infusing with fruit. White and pink wines can also make a good sangria base, but be sure to adjust additional sweeteners accordingly.

The second step in making a good sangria is choosing high-quality fruit. Ripe, in-season, washed fruits are always the way to go. Since the fruit will be soaking in the wine, high-quality fruit is a must. Next up, add a little liquor. A flavored liqueur can add a nice twist. Hazelnut, orange, and berry liqueurs are a couple of our favorites. The last two ingredients: mixers and sweeteners, are optional depending on personal preferences. Soda, fresh juice, honey, cinnamon, agave syrup can all add a new dimension to your sangria. Just remember, the sweeter the fruit the less sweetener to use. With a citrus infused sangria, a little honey goes a long way in mellowing out the tart flavors. With a peach infused sangria though, the result will be naturally quite sweet. Try it out yourself with a few of our favorite sangria recipes!

TOSSWARE's Classic Spanish Red Sangria Recipe

Fills 1 TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter


1 bottle of red table wine
2 oranges
2 lemons
Grand Marnier
Cinnamon sticks

  1. Start by pouring the wine into the decanter with the lid on
  2. Remove the decanter lid and squeeze lemons and oranges into the carafe. This should make about one cups of juice
  3. Wash the lemon and orange rinds and cut off the lemon and orange peel into 1-inch shavings
  4. Add the peels, 6 ounces of Grand Marnier orange-flavored liqueur, and two cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon is the classically Spanish method of sweetening sangria!
  5. Let sit in the refrigerator for two hours. Strain directly through
28oz Decanter


With TOSSWARE’s newest recyclable plastic decanter, sangria is easier than ever. Our decanter is the first of its kind, a decanter with a patented built-in aerator for a more efficient oxidization process that enhances the aroma and awakens wine’s complex flavors. It includes all of the TOSSWARE features you’ve come to love: BPA-free, shatterproof, 100% recyclable, and crystal clear. The wine gets fanned through the patented blades located in the cap into the chamber of the vessel. While the decanter is fashioned to perfectly aerate and decant wine, sangria is the perfect way to repurpose this clever design.  For a finely aged wine, the decanter aerates the wine releasing new flavors. For the average table wine infused with fruit and brandy, the top serves another purpose- it makes a perfect strainer for sangria. Try it out yourself with a couple more of our favorite sangria recipes. Simply add all the ingredients to the decanter and let sit for two hours. Pour through decanter’s strainer top and serve chilled.

TOSSWARE's Rosé Sangria

Fills 1 TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter

1 bottle of sparkling rosé 
2 cups of cubed watermelon
½ cup of sliced strawberries
½ cup of raspberries
6oz Chambord 
8oz grapefruit juice
  1. Pour the rosé into the decanter with the lid on
  2. Remove the decanter lid and add the cubed watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries
  3. Add the Chambord and grapefruit juice
  4. Give it a good swirl, then serve and enjoy
28oz Decanter


TOSSWARE's White Apple Peach Sangria

Fills 1 TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter


1 bottle pinot grigio
2 yellow peaches
2 granny smith apples
8oz brandy
tonic water
  1. Pour the bottle of pinot grigio into the decanter with the lid on
  2. With the lid off, add the peaches and apple
  3. Add in the brandy and top off with tonic water
  4. Serve and enjoy