Cocktails in tossware ft. clayton’s public house

In the middle of Downtown LA’s bustling Historic Core district lies a unique, whimsical bar by the name of Clayton’s Public House. The decor is meant to evoke a lighthearted collage, full of references to bygone eras such as the Victorian 1800’s or the roaring 20’s - the perfect setting for enjoying a delicious, handcrafted cocktail. You’ll find many such beverages on the menu courtesy of resident master mixologist and sommelier, Kristin Jensen, along with elegant gastropub bites.

For this installment of Cocktails in TOSSWARE, Kristin shows us how to recreate the Mr. Chaplin cocktail - a drink as iconic as its namesake - in the new TOSSWARE Reserve Highball. The Mr. Chaplin cocktail was first developed at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York before 1920, making this drink a timeless testament to the enduring power of good flavors. Elegant drinks need an elegant vessel, and the new Reserve line is the perfect option for taking your festivities to the next level. Stylish, sturdy, and dishwasher safe, our Reserve glasses are the ultimate aesthetic choice for a sophisticated beverage. Follow the directions below and pair this fruit-forward drink with salty, savory flavors for contrast, such as a charcuterie board.

What you need

Ingredients for a Mr. Chaplin (makes 1 cocktail)

Sip Smith Sloe Gin (1 oz)1½ ounces white rum
Hine Cognac (1 oz)
Apricot Liqueur (½ oz)
Lemon (juice of one half yielding approx. 1 oz, second half for garnish)
¼ cup dry ice

 TOSSWARE Reserve Highball

What to do
    1. In a highball glass, add one ounce of Sip Smith Sloe Gin, one ounce of Hine Cognac, and a half an ounce of apricot liqueur.

    2. Slice a lemon in half, juicing one half and utilizing the second half to cut for garnishment. Add the lemon juice to the highball glass.

    3. At the very end, using tongs and being careful to avoid contact with skin, add ¼ cup of dry ice to the highball. Sip and enjoy!

Cheers from all of us at TOSSWARE!