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Celebrate LOVE with a Rosé 75!

A French twist to a bubbly classic!

Presenting a delicious Valentine's Day cocktail recipe… the Rosé 75! This drink is a pink twist on the classic French 75, a libation invented during World War I. The drink is named after the French 75 mm field gun due to it's deceptively strong punch. The sweetness of sparkling champagne masks the extra liquor in the glass, giving it quite the potency. Our Rosé 75 uses bubbling rosé in the place of champagne to celebrate Valentine's Day! We also substituted lime for the standard lemon juice to balance the sweetness of the rosé. This drink is best served in our 9oz flute glass due to it's bubble-friendly shape. 

6oz rosé
2oz gin
1/2 lime juice
1/2oz simple syrup
Berries for garnish

  1. Fill shaker with ice, gin, lime juice and simple syrup. We chose Bombay Sapphire gin for its complex flavor profile, complemented by the rosé
  2. Give it a long martini shake (about 45-60 seconds) and strain the contents fo the shaker into Tossware's 9oz flute
  3. Fill the 9oz Flute to the top with a freshly corked, bubbling rosé
  4. Garnish with mixed red berries such as blackberries, strawberries or raspberries. Any berries are delicious with this recipe, but our personal favorite were the blackberries. They're a bit tart helping balance this sweet drink
  5. Enjoy!
9oz Flute