Do you take your whiskey neat or on the rocks? Either way, we prefer them in our version of the whiskey glass: the 12oz Rocks. Coming soon, this new addition highlights the richness and versatility of a good whiskey while still being very party-friendly (since it’s shatterproof!). Comfortable to hold yet still allowing room to make a refreshing Old Fashioned and throw in an oversized ice cube, the 12oz Rocks is a necessity for every aficionado's bar cart.

In TOSSWARE ON THE ROCKS, we recreated the quintessential whiskey night with the boys -- a cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. To host your own whiskey night, make sure to be prepped with the essentials: your favorite whiskey, a few 12oz Rocks glasses, oversized ice cubes (to keep your drink cold without being watered-down), a steal jigger, mixing spoon and an orange peel.

Cheers from TOSSWARE!