Old and new: classic vintages in modern tossware

In keeping with our habit of looking to the past for wisdom, in 77 AD Pliny the Elder of Rome said, “vino veritas,” which translated means, “in wine, there is truth.” This doesn’t only apply to our tendency to get a little loose lipped after a glass or two...a wine’s particular flavor profile tells you numerous things about it. From little more than a sip, master sommeliers can determine a wine’s characteristics, such as what kind of grape it was made from, how long it had to age, and where it was grown. People have been developing winemaking techniques from millennia - the earliest winery was founded in 4100 BCE, so the history of how wine is made is as rich and complex as its flavor!

Vintners today have reverence for the history of winemaking and the traditional methods that create the classic tastes we love, but also benefit from modern methods of controlling the fermentation process that enables them to make wine even better. It’s the same for us here at TOSSWARE. We took the best of what a wine glass had to offer - its look, feel, and visual impact - and made it even better by making our new Reserve Line wine glasses shatterproof, recyclable, commercial dishwasher safe. So even if you cave into some Cabernet or over-pour some Pinot, you’ll never have to deal with a broken glass. We’ll toast to that! Cheers from TOSSWARE!