Though the days of drinking out of a sippy cup are long behind you, you may be left longing for its unique benefits - the convenience and pleasure of slurping away unbothered by the possibility of spilling or breaking your container. Now that you’re an adult, you’re left fearful of spilling on yourself at seemingly every occasion: in the car, at backyard parties, on a boat, out at the beach or at an outdoor picnic - the list goes on and on. While some of us may be willing - carrying a sippy cup is definitely not the answer. That would be questionable. Thankfully, Tossware’s new lidded cups are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Shatterproof, meet spill proof.

The lids are simple, elegant, as clear as glass and easily snap on to a variety of our offered cups. Whether you’re spending the afternoon sailing on the seas, screaming alongside fans at a sporting event, or picnicking on the beach at sunset, Tossware’s lids will keep you hydrated, chic, and most importantly, carefree. What’s even better than all that? There’s a straw port that can fit straws as thick as those for bubble tea!

And of course, they’re also great for kids on any given day - especially if you’re hosting a children’s party or even a casual play date. These are your go to. Take a break from the stress of mess during and after and opt for this 100% recyclable alternative to a sippy cup. Beyond liquids, these are great for organizing or portioning out a variety of snacks on the go.

Say goodbye to broken glass and typical plastic cups. Forego the spills and the dishes. Wow your guests both big and small with our recyclable cups that are now shatterproof and spill proof. Get creative and have fun!