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TOSSWARE's New Tasting Glasses

We are very excited to announce TOSSWARE is now carrying three sizes of plastic tasting cups! We have the 6oz Flute Jr for a champagne flight, 7oz Flight glasses...

We are very excited to announce TOSSWARE is now carrying three sizes of plastic tasting cups! We have the 6oz Flute Jr for a champagne flight, 7oz Flight glasses for a beer flight, and 4oz Taster cups for a whiskey or liquor tasting. These small cups are perfect for hosting drink tastings, whether in your home or at a vineyard. Like the rest of the TOSSWARE family the flight glasses have a rounded lip, crystal clarity, and signature TOSSWARE stack-ability. Check out our flight recommendations for your next tasting party. 


Best served in TOSSWARE's 6oz Flute Jr plastic champagne flutes 

TOSSWARE 6oz Flute Jr champagne tasting flight glasses

We used the TOSSWARE Flute Jr for a sparkling wine flight including a Champagne, Chardonnay, and sparkling Rose. White wines are well suited for all kinds of fish, but sparkling wines are ideal for the strong flavors in smoked salmon. When tasting wines you always want to start with the dryer one and move toward sweetness. We started with a dry champagne, continued with a fairly sweet Rose, and ended with a rich buttery Chardonnay. 


Best served in TOSSWARE's 7oz Flight 

TOSSWARE 7oz flight glasses twelve pack beer flight glasses

When setting up a flight of beer, you generally want to start with the lightest beer and move towards the darkest. This allows the taster to enjoy the nuances in a light beer before the tastebuds are overwhelmed with the strong notes in a stout or porter. A beer tasting is most interesting when its limited to a region, brew style, or type of beer. We chose a sampling of craft beers made by a local Southern California brewery including a blonde ale, IPA, brown ale, and a stout. We made it a full, yeasty experience with savory pub pretzels. TOSSWARE's flight series is modeled after the pint glass with a smaller base and wide lip allowing for the full flavor of each beer to translate during a tasting. 


Best served in TOSSWARE's 4oz TasterTOSSWARE 4oz taster six pack whiskey tasting flight glass

The bulbous bottom and slimmer neck of TOSSWARES taster series highlights whiskey's aroma in order to absorb the full scent and taste of each offering. No need to wash the glasses and risk compromising the flavor of any of the whiskeys; TOSSWARE taster glasses are recyclable and sold in sleeves of six. We chose a range of whiskey varieties for our tasting. Starting with an all American Kentucky style bourbon whiskey, continuing with a single malt whiskey, comparing that with a strong Scotch (another grain whiskey), and rounding out with triple distilled Irish whiskey. No appetizers are needed with a whiskey tasting, simply allow some time between each one to fully process the flavor. Happy tasting!