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Customized products cannot be returned and is final sale.

The conversion from RGB to CMYK color mode in the printing process as well as the slight variation of colors every monitor/ screen shows may differ to the colors of the customization you receive.

Colors that are particularly hard to match include grays, neon colors, and pastel/ soft tones. Water color images will also be difficult to match in appearance.

Please allow up to 5 business days from the day your order is placed to process your customization before shipping. We may contact you via email and/or phone if we see a need to confirm your artwork. Please respond at your earliest convenience; if we don't get a response, we will print your design as is within 2 business days of the order confirmation.

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Introducing the Natural Line

Partying sustainably just got a whole lot easier. Introducing TOSSWARE’s brand new Natural Line. These cups are made from a plant-based material called PLA. Derived from corn starch, this renewable resource will make both your party guests and Mother Nature smile. 

So, what makes the Natural Line so special? Made from PLA, the Natural Line won’t linger in landfills and oceans for centuries as all of the products are compostable, non-toxic, and plant-based. In a commercial composting facility with optimized conditions, they will break down completely within 3-6 months, leaving nothing but nutrient-rich soil for the environment to enjoy. PLA also has a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic, making it the ultimate eco-friendly option for parties, gatherings, or just good ‘ol fashioned get-togethers.

The introduction of the Natural Line is amongst the first steps TOSSWARE is taking in 2023 to further our mission of becoming a fully circular company by 2025. The Natural Line’s compostable material allows for each cup to have a second life in nature, helping us do our part to further the circular economy. So next time you are sipping your favorite beverage, don’t settle for a basic red plastic cup; choose the Natural Line. Be a little kinder to the planet and look good while doing it.