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HELLO 2019

We’ve almost reached the end of 2018! Whether this year has just flown by or marched along at a snail’s pace for you, one thing is for sure...

We’ve almost reached the end of 2018! Whether this year has just flown by or marched along at a snail’s pace for you, one thing is for sure - the beginning of a new year is a cause for celebration! You deserve to commemorate any milestones you hit in the last year, as well as enjoy a final night of indulgence before your resolutions kick in. Whether you’re hosting at your place or going to a friend’s, TOSSWARE has you covered with our 9oz flutes - the perfect vessel to toast a glass of bubbly to the year to come.

If you’re hosting at home…

There are some easy steps you can follow to ensure all of your guests have an incredible entrance into 2019. When it comes to decoration, more is more- streamers, sparklers, anything metallic is the way to go. If you’re looking for a jaw dropping yet functional display, a champagne fountain is sure to wow all of your guests! It is also easier to accomplish than it looks. Make a tower of glasses by placing them in squares (5X5, 4X4, etc. as you work your way up), being sure that the glasses all touch and careful to place each glass on top directly over the diamond created by the rims of the touching glasses below it. When the tower is complete, pour champagne into the topmost one. Watch as the champagne flows out of the topmost glass to fill those below it! For the final step to a rockin’ New Years Eve, take advantage of TOSSWARE’s customization capabilities and design a glass unique to your event. This will elevate your affair, adding sophistication and a personal touch - one that also helps you to cut down on dishes!

If you’re attending friend or family member’s event...  

It’s always polite to bring a host/hostess gift as a way to thank the individual or family hosting you that evening. Since New Years Eve is a holiday inextricably associated with drinking something bubbly, a great choice is to bring a bottle of their favorite bubbles - be it a dry sparkling wine, a sweeter Prosecco, or champagne. If you don’t know what they enjoy most, feel free to introduce them to your fav! To take this token of your gratitude up a notch, call your host ahead of time and tell them you have the glasses covered. Then, customize our shatterproof, recyclable glasses to maximize their stunning visual impact. Your host will be immediately grateful to you for designing something special for their event, and will only become more grateful when they realize how much dishwasher space they’re saving! Plus, a night of no shattered glass - the ultimate party foul - will keep everyone in great spirits (or maybe that’s just the champagne?). Cheers to 2019 from TOSSWARE!