12 oz Tumbler Jr

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  • 100% BPA Free

    100% BPA Free

  • Shatter Proof

    Shatter Proof

  • 100% Recyclable


  • Locking + Stackable


Ideal for any beverage, on the rocks or neat, the 12 ounce Tumbler Junior is perfect for the Scotch lover. No cleanup required – simply pour your favorite scotch, enjoy, and recycle this luxury disposable plastic bucket glass.

Much like its bigger sibling, the 18 ounce tumbler, our 12 ounce glass is perfect for mixed or straight up drinks, especially Scotch. Whether you take it neat or on the rocks, you'll appreciate the crystal clarity and elegant feel. It's truly an upscale disposable alternative to cheap plastic glasses. As an added benefit, there’s no cleanup necessary - just pour, enjoy and recycle. Toast your next event with Tossware!