7 oz Flight

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  • 100% BPA Free

    100% BPA Free

  • Shatter Proof

    Shatter Proof

  • 100% Recyclable


  • Locking + Stackable


Introducing the all new Sampler Series!
Ideal for beer and flights, the 7oz Flight is the ultimate party glass. These versatile compactly stacked Flights will elevate your next brew tasting and gathering. Make broken glass a thing of the past, our shatterproof Flights will make your parties last.


Whether you're hosting a craft beer tasting, getting friends together on the boat or watching the big game, how you serve your beer says as much as what you serve. Enter the 7oz Flight glass from TOSSWARE - it's clear, so you can view the brew, it's rounded lip gives a nice drink and feel, and best of all, it's 100% recyclable. These Flight glasses are an upscale alternative to the traditional red cup you see at most parties. Serve your brews in style with our disposable luxury plastic glasses, and take the party to the next level.