• TOSSWARE | POP Large Lids - White
  • TOSSWARE | POP Large Lids - White

POP Large Lids - White

What it's for:

Fill it, don’t spill it. Our lids make sure even your most animated guests keep their beverages to themselves. A straw port is included should you wish to pop in a paper straw. 


Instantly pops on to any of our POP glasses except the 16oz Mason which can fit any standard mason jar screw top lid. 


Large lids fit: 

• 18oz Tumbler

• 18oz Pint

• 14oz Vino

• 12oz Tumbler Jr

• 12oz Rocks

• 12oz Pint Jr

• 14oz Stemmed Vino


Recommended Care

Feel free to reuse, but as a reminder, please hand wash them only with a gentle, non-abrasive sponge as our BPA-free material is not dishwasher safe.

  • Dimensions
  • weight

    Small: 2g
    Medium: 3g
    Large: 4g

  • width

    Small: 1.8"
    Medium: 2.3"
    Large: 2.7"

  • POP Large Lids - White

  • $ 6.99

spillproof drinkability

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