Hydrating Coconut Gin & Tonic

Festival season is upon us! Gather your tents and flower crowns because it is time for camping. Whether you're heading to the festival grounds, the mountains, or the beach- there's nothing quite like a full day outdoors. Once you have a campground and your gear, remember to pack some fun things as well. 

It’s the extras that will make the experience sparkle. Check out TOSSWARE’s official festival packing recommendations below. 

Festival Season, Choachella packing list, hydrating cocktails, TOSSWARE


Battery operated fairy lights for light night ambiance

Comfy colorful pillows for lounging

A journal to write down thoughts and notes; music and  sunshine can bring out new ideas

Coconut water for hydration

Ukelele, guitar, or record player, after the shows end you may be inspired to make some music of your own

Paint or markers for when the creativity starts flowing

Flowers to put around the tent to make your surroundings festive

A variety of TOSWARE's shatterproof cups to keep your camping chic and worry-free. 

Festival Season, Choachella packing list, hydrating cocktails, TOSSWARE

Broken glass is the last thing to worry about when enjoying great music outside. TOSSWARE's shatterproof design will give you the look and feel of real wine glasses, champagne flutes, and beer pints without the hassle of glassware.

Once you have a few TOSSWARE glasses, try out one of our favorite hydrating cocktails. A drink that is perfect after a long day in the sun, the Gin and Coconut. While you may not be able to sneak gin into the festival grounds, this is the perfect drink for glamping or camping off-site! The recipe is a tropical twist on the classic Gin and Tonic. With only four ingredients, this is a cocktail that can be easily packed into a campsite and whipped up in a flash. All you’ll need is gin, fresh limes, tonic water, and coconut water.

Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and potassium and which will help your body stay hydrated. One cup of coconut water packs 600 mg of potassium, a vital mineral in our cells that improves the body’s ability to retain water. After spending the day in the sun, the body needs as much help as it can get! 


Makes two in TOSSWARE's 14oz Vino

Festival Season, Choachella packing list, hydrating cocktails, TOSSWARE


4 ounces dry gin
1 lime
4 ounces coconut water
2 ounces tonic water
Ice for shaker


1. Fill shaker with ice and squeeze the juice from half a lime, about 0.75 ounces, into a shaker. If you don’t have room to pack a shaker, the cocktail is just as refreshing poured over ice and stirred.

2. Add gin and coconut water into the shaker.

3. Shake for 30 seconds. Add fresh lime zest halfway through shaking for a more tart flavor, optional.

4. Strain into two 14oz Vino glasses from TOSSSWARE. Top off the drink with a splash of tonic water and a lime wedge.

5. Toast and enjoy while listening to a band you love. 

Festival Season, Choachella packing list, hydrating cocktails, TOSSWARE, wine glass, white wine

We hope you have a summer full of sunshine as you head out to the festival grounds, go backpacking across the mountains, or set up camp after a bonfire on the beach. Don't forget to grab a couple boxes of TOSSWARE to keep your summer adventures elegant and carefree.