Three Mimosa Twists for Mother's Day

There is no drink more emblematic of a dreamy Sunday morning than the time-honored mimosa. Named after the similarly colored Mimosa plant, this sunny drink typically has two ingredients: Champagne & orange juice. It's famed to have been created in Paris, bien sur! Leave it to the French to create the perfect leisure time drink. Rumor has it the first mimosa was made with one part Champagne to two parts orange juice the at the Ritz Hotel in 1925.

Some say, however, that the mimosa is actually a descendant of a similar drink invented in London four years earlier, the Buck’s Fizz. As it was indecent to drink before noon, an English bartender created this drink to sneak alcohol into a benign breakfast beverage. The Buck’s Fizz did this with pizazz, throwing in just a splash of orange juice into a glass of Champagne.

Almost a century later, mimosas have become a staple of weekend brunch. The ratio of juice to Champagne to juice depends now on preference. Shall it be a glass of orange juice with a dash of Champagne or a dash of Champagne in your morning juice? Both options will marry the sweetness of sparkling wine with the acidity of citrus in a blissful way. Find your preference by trying out a few different juices. Check out some of our favorite combinations below!

Mother's Day Mimosa recipe, Raspberry Lemonade mimosa, TOSSWARE Champagne flute

The Classic Mimosa

There’s a reason orange and champagne is such a classic combination, they harmonize each other nearly perfectly. The light acidity of the orange juice balances the sweetness of the Champagne. Fresh squeezed orange juice is the ideal way to make a classic mimosa. We also like mandarin juice for a slight twist. Mandarins have a more concentrated flavor, so with this kind of juice we recommend a ratio of 2 parts Champagne to one part mandarin juice.

Mother's Day Mimosa, Breakfast in bed, Mimosa in bed, breakfast platter, plastic drinkware

Lemon Raspberry Mimosa

There are a couple ways to make a stellar raspberry lemonade mimosa. One is by muddling raspberries, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in the bottom of a glass and then pouring in the Champagne. This homemade style results in a fresh flavor with raspberry seeds and a fragrant lemon essence. If seeds aren’t your jam, pre-made raspberry lemonade can be found at most local grocery stores. As both the lemon and the raspberry have a tartness, we recommend making this mimosa with a sparkling wine that's sweeter than Champagne. Try a dry Prosecco at a half and half ratio for the best balance of flavors.

Mother's Day Mimosa recipe, Raspberry Lemonade mimosa, TOSSWARE Champagne flute

Cara Cara Pomegranate Mimosa

This beautiful mimosa is made with freshly squeezed cara cara oranges and pomegranates. The tangy burst of pomegranate juice pairs beautifully with sparkling wine. These pink fruits are sweeter than standard oranges and boast a more complex flavor profile. This sweetness harmonizes with the tartness of the pomegranate in a way that compliments extra dry sparkling wines. 

Cara cara pomegranate mimosa, Brunch in bed



1 Pomegranate

1 Cara cara orange

Extra dry Champagne

9oz TOSSWARE Flute glass

  1. Start by crushing 20-30 seeds through a strainer. Juicing pomegranate by hand can be laborious, but only a little bit of juice is needed to capture the flavors. Bottled pomegranate juice simply doesn’t rival the taste of freshly crushed seeds
  2. Pour one ounce of the fresh pomegranate juice into the bottom of TOSSWARE's 9oz flute.
  3. Add 3 ounces of freshly squeezed cara cara orange juice into the flute.
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with an extra dry Champagne.
  5. Garnish with fresh pomegranates and enjoy! 

Minus the Mimosa

For the no-nonsense drinker serve up a sparkling wine simply garnished with berries. May marks the beginning of berry season, so stock up on these naturally sweet garnishes and enjoy a glass of high-quality, unadulterated Champagne with your next brunch! 

Champagne and blackberries, 9oz flute, Disposable plastic Champagne flutes

We propose a toast. A toast to the Parisan drinkers in 1925, to the British brunchers in 1921, and to those today that start their morning in celebration. Order a box of TOSSWARE's flute glasses today to celebrate the mothers in your life this weekend.