TOSSWARE Stories: Meet Steven Tucker

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TOSSWARE partnered with up-and-coming bartender Steven Tucker, of Pints & Ponies, for our craft cocktail this month. Steven has been perfecting his technique for over 9 years and has invented countless cocktails in his signature playful style. Influenced by his time spent in Napa Valley wine country and his travels around the world, Steven masterfully layers flavor for cocktails that honor each ingredient.

The elegant, yet fleeting nature of TOSSWARE's plastic cups inspired him to make a speakeasy cocktail. There’s a certain glamour to the Prohibition-era bars, visited by only those that knew the secret password. The bars had to be able to disappear at a moment’s notice if the authorities were called. It’s this short-lived elegance that Steven drew from to create his smoky grapefruit cocktail, the Pomelo y Flores.

Get to know Steven and learn how to make the Pomelo y Flores for yourself with our first TOSSWARE story!

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