From Recycling to Up-cycling!

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What if a great cup was more than just a cup? What if a cup served as elegant drink ware at an upscale party one night and a pot for plants the next? This Los Angeles art gallery decided to give this idea a shot by using TOSSWARE in a whole new way! All of TOSSWARE’s high-quality cups are made out of 100% recyclable PET and can be tossed straight into the recycling bin. But these cups are durable enough to take it one step further. This gallery took it from recycling to up-cycling.

The gallery was planning an opening for an environmentally focused art show. This environmental arts initiative wanted everything about the show to fall in line with the mission of the curator and artists. This mission was one of environmental protection and sustainability. Artwork spanned mediums from film, photography, painting, and installation all addressing current threats to our natural environment.

When it came to opening night, TOSSWARE was a perfect option for the occasion. The gallery set up an extra installation where gallery attendees could toss their used TOSSWARE to be recycled. The 12oz Tumbler Jr. and 7oz pint mini were the perfect options for the wine and craft beer options. As people milled about, the bin for recycled TOSSWARE filled up!

The show was up for three weeks. It closed with a closing family event where the recycled TOSSWARE got a new life! The organizers rinsed and drilled a small hole in the bottom of each TOSSWARE cup. This event focused on giving kids ideas about how to care for the environment. One way to do this is by growing and caring for plants. Kids were taught about how plants emit oxygen and purify our air. Kids and parents alike were then given a TOSSWARE cup to plant nasturtium in.

Follow our simple guide to growing your own pet plant in an up-cycled TOSSWARE cup!

TOSSWARE'S Pet Plants 

What you'll need:
1. Start by rinsing out a used TOSSWARE cup.
2. Drill a small hole (¼ inch) in the bottom of the cup for drainage. 
3. Fill the cup with high quality, composted soil.
4. Choose your seeds. The gallery decided to use nasturtium for a few reasons: they grow well in California, they have bright green leaves and colorful flowers, and the flowers are edible and tasty! Find a native plant in your area that can be started in a container.
5. Read the back of the seed packet for instructions on planting depth. Most seeds are best planted somewhere between ¼” and 1” deep. Use your finger to make a hole at the prescribed depth in the center of the cup.
6. Drop the seed in the cup and cover with soil.
7. Keep your pet plant on the window sill on a small plate. Lightly water until water drains out the bottom every two days. If you live in a cooler place, cover the cup with plastic wrap to insulate the seedling. This will mimic a greenhouse effect and keep the plant warm enough to sprout.
8. Some plants can live happily forever in your TOSSWARE cup, many herbs can thrive in a small container. Some plants will need to be transplanted after a couple weeks to a larger garden space where they can spread their roots. Many seed packets will say whether or not the plant can thrive in a container.
9. Watch your plant grow and treat it with care!

This is an activity that’s fun for kids and parents alike. Add extra flair by painting your cups or decorating them with stickers. The possibilities for up-cycling TOSSWARE are endless. Pet plants are just one idea, get creative and see what you can come up with. Share pictures of your up-cycled TOSSWARE crafts on social media with the hashtag #TOSSWAREupcycled!


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