Catering, Recycling and Celebrating with TOSSWARE

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Searching for the best drink ware option for your next event? Look no further than TOSSWARE. Every detail of TOSSWARE is designed for convenient elegance at large events. From the time you receive TOSSWARE up until you toss the cups in the recycling bin, simplicity, elegance and ease characterize the experience. See how it works below! 


TOSSWARE catering sizes come in packs of 48 cups. Each catering size box can be used as a display case or recycling bin. To make the display tear off the front of the box and slip the included sign into the back. 

Celebrating with TOSSWARE

To set up your event pull out sleeves and pop cups apart. All TOSSWARE cups are stackable using our patented interlocking technology. Angle the top cup to the side and POP to break cups apart.

Living Sustainably with TOSSWARE

When your event is over, gather up the cups and toss into the recycling. TOSSWARE is made from recycled material and can be recycled again. Simple, elegant set-up with easy clean-up. 


If you want to use the box as a recycling bin instead, simply push the top flaps in and line with a trash bag.

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