TOSSWARE: The Perfect Choice for a Gallery Opening

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TOSSWARE 18oz plastic pint glass, tap, craft beer, catering

Summer party season is coming around, and TOSSWARE luxury bulk plastic glasses and TOSSWARE catering drink ware provides classy and convenient solutions for parties of any size. Good times and memories are created around TOSSWARE, and for one Los Angeles art gallery TOSSWARE kept the evening rolling with ease and style. 

Home-brewed beer on tap, work by seminal LA street artists, and great conversations deserve a classy cup. A local brewery sponsored the event and was excited to be able to serve their creations in TOSSWARE'S crystal-clear disposable 18 oz pint glasses that showed off the color and beauty of their beers.

TOSSWARE 18oz plastic pint glass, tap, craft beer, catering


TOSSWARE 18oz plastic pint glass, tap, craft beer, catering1. TOSSWARE's catering size box of disposable cups comes designed to become a display case for easy access and storage. 

2. Both the twelve pack and 48 pack boxes include TOSSWARE sleeves for every set of four plastic glasses; use the ones you need now and save the rest for later. 

3. Pretty cups keep people drinking! Strong crystal clear plastic is easy to hold, highlights the drink, and is always ready for a refill. Keep the good times coming with TOSSWARE. 

4. While TOSSWARE is designed for disposal with 100% recyclable plastic, the high quality drink ware looks and feels so much like real glass- guests can hardly tell! Some of the guests at the gallery loved the glasses so much they took them home to hand wash and re-use. 

5. TOSSWARE's disposable plastic glasses are stackable and snap together. End of the night clean-up is fast and easy. Grab and snap together even partially full glasses. No mess and fast clean-up- simply drink, toss, and recycle. 


TOSSWARE 18oz plastic pint glass, tap, craft beer, catering

Ready to throw your own summer party? Whether it's a small BBQ with friends, an upscale wedding, or a gallery opening TOSSWARE's made for good times. Try out a 48 pack for your next gathering. Find more inspiration at our Instagram or contact us here for custom shipments, large orders, and unique printing onto the disposable glasses. 

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TOSSWARE, plastic wine glass, luxury features

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